Arestin is an antibiotic used in conjunction with traditional gum therapy. It is used at specific gum sites which are not responding well to traditional treatment.   


Bone Grafting

Sometimes it is necessary to have bone grafting done to facilitate the placement of a dental implant.    In these situations, the Dr. will use bone grafting material to augment the available space to place a dental implant.


Periodontal (gum) disease

The foundation for a healthy mouth is healthy gums. Periodontal disease is an advanced stage of gingivitis.   If left untreated periodontal disease can cause the loss of one or all teeth. Treating periodontal disease is important in the prevention of tooth loss but also is linked to diabetes, cardiovascular health, and many other aspect of your health

Initial therapy for gum disease is almost always Scaling and Root Planing. This procedure is done with local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. There is little to no post-operative pain.   

After completing initial therapy a follow up protocol is established. This is referred to as periodontal maintenance. This usually consists of returning to the dental office 4 times per year(every 3 months) for dental cleanings.